Integration Party?

Sea fishing!

As part of sea discovery, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the exciting adventure that sea fishing has to offer.

Organizing a fishing trip as an integration event is not only an opportunity to spend time in the bosom of nature, but also an opportunity to learn how to forage for food and a great way to bring the group together.

We swim all year round!

All-day fishing trip
– we serve groups of up to 70 people
– fish species depending on the season
– we provide instructor care
– we provide the necessary equipment
– full day or half day of attractions
– preparation of the catch by the chef
– Gdańsk / Gdynia / Sopot

Our offer includes fully equipped boats, both with equipment ensuring effective finding of the best fishing spots, and with all fishing equipment.

But above all, with the help of our experienced crew, even beginner fishing enthusiasts will quickly learn the basics and find joy in this activity.

Unique experiences to catch!

Fish caught and what to do with them? Now is the time to prepare and eat them. So when you finish your cruise and return to port, we offer you a unique opportunity. The restaurant we cooperate with offers fish delicacies, which is undoubtedly a perfect complement to the sea adventure. An alternative to a restaurant in the same style is to organize a barbecue in the marina, where the atmosphere of sailing relaxation is an inherent element. This is a great opportunity to try the freshest fish possible and enjoy its taste.

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