The ideal choice for organizing a meeting for colleagues is to spend time on the water.
On our luxurious and comfortable yachts it is possible to relax or alternatively spend time for employees, board members or bosses with their families.

Company Cruises

For larger groups, we offer cruises with several units at the same time.
We have the ability to take over 100 people at once.

All cruises can be supplemented with a catering offer - we offer a wide range of food, beverages and alcohol options.

Corporate party on the ship

A great alternative to meetings in a restaurant are cruises on VIP Ships - very luxurious vessels with all amenities on board.


For the needs of integration events, it is possible to organize a regatta on the water.
We have large sailing yachts with skippers. We will take 10 additional crew members on each yacht, who will be able to actively participate in the operation of the sails.

Regatta is a great form of integration with elements of competition. No sailing experience is required - as part of the event, we conduct introductory training, and activities on the water can be for everyone or only for volunteers. The winning team will receive medals, champagne and an award ceremony.

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