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Sailing yacht regatta!

We invite you to probably the best corporate event that combines competition with teamwork and will certainly be remembered as a unique experience - the President's Cup Regatta!

During the regatta on the picturesque waters of the Bay of Gdańsk, you will experience the emotions of sailing. As crews and under the supervision of experienced skippers, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate both your navigational and tactical skills. Each unit in our fleet is equipped to ensure comfort and safety, which will complement your sailing experience.

By choosing our offer, you focus on originality and unforgettable impressions that will stay with you long after the event.

Unique experiences on the horizon!

It is worth emphasizing that a corporate event on the waters of the picturesque Bay of Gdańsk is not only an opportunity for healthy competition in a maritime climate, but also a unique opportunity to experience unforgettable moments spent at sea.

Enrich your corporate event with entertainment and educational elements that will undoubtedly make this event stand out from classic corporate events. How?
We will conduct professional (or semi-professional :) training during which participants will have the opportunity to, among others: to acquire new skills, such as becoming familiar with procedures at sea or mastering specialized sailing terminology, and they will have to use the acquired knowledge at sea by carrying out the helmsman's orders and tasks.

Moreover, it is also an experience of truly unlimited freedom, closeness to nature and observation of unique landscapes that are simply inaccessible on land.

After the exciting regatta, we also planned an evening reception. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the day's achievements and to summarize an exciting day spent on the high seas. Our proposal is a perfect combination of integration, learning and fun, which makes it an attractive corporate event against the backdrop of the waters of the Bay of Gdańsk, both in terms of team building and unique experiences.

Cooperation and competition
– Participants in groups of 10 people
– Each team under the supervision of a helmsman
– Buoys set up in the sea
– Belaying with RIB patrol boats
– Party up to 120 people
– Possibility of combining with an event in the Marina
– Gdańsk / Gdynia / Sopot

Our advanced fleet of sailing yachts and qualified staff guarantee a first-class standard of the sailing events we organize. Regardless of the number of guests, up to 120 people! We have a sufficient number of units, which allows each participant to fully experience the charms of sailing.

Thanks to our attention to quality and full commitment, we ensure not only the pleasure of sailing, but also professionalism, which is reflected in every aspect of organizing events on our yachts.

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