How about a cruise from Gdańsk?

Gdansk is city ​​on the water. In addition to access to the sea, the city is crossed by the Motława canals, which connects the Main City, Gdańsk Shipyard, Sobieszewo Island and the Bay of Gdańsk.

We know them all very well recesses and we will gladly present you during cruise on one of our motor yachts.

Below are examples of routes by yachts starting from Gdańsk:

Gdańsk cruise -> Westerplatte

The cruise plan is as follows: Gdańsk -> Shipyard -> Wisłoujście Fortress -> Westerplatte -> return to Gdańsk. The wonderful city of Gdańsk and its a wealth of monuments, which they created for centuries history of this area.

Gdańsk -> Sobieszewo cruise

In this option, we offer a cruise: Gdańsk -> Shipyard -> Wyspa Sobieszewska -> Gdańsk.
Natural wealth, beautiful views and rich fauna. We can sail to Bird Paradise or Fok Island.

Gdańsk -> Sopot cruise

The route leading to the exit from the port to the Gulf of Gdansk leads through Shipyard and Westerplatte.
Sailing to Sopot, we can admire Nowy Port waterfront and Brzeźno beaches.
There is a possibility in Sopot free descent to the pier - the longest wooden pier in Europe